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SNAMHS offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient services for adults with mental illness.

Intensive Service Coordination
Provides increased service coordination assistance for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness with felony legal involvement. Individuals are referred by the judicial system or agency programs. Intensive service coordination assists high-need individuals in getting services necessary to live in the community as well as understanding and complying with orders of court.
Medication Clinic
Provides outpatient adult psychiatric, nursing and direct medication services, including prescribing and dispensing both injectable and oral medication. The latest, most effective medication is prescribed and dispensed through agency pharmacies. The services include limited and focused consultation with the patient about medication treatment and management. Individuals may be referred to other agency services when indicated.
Mobile Crisis Team (MCT)
The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) is a specialized unit that works with the Las Vegas area hospital emergency departments. The MCT is comprised of Licensed Clinical Social Workers who travel to local hospital ERs to evaluate patients on involuntary holds and when feasible, develop safe discharge plans that are presented to the ER physicians for approval. This service averts unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations, saves ER personnel time, and reduces the number of psychiatric patients in the ERs. The MCT is available 7 days a week, 7am to 10:30pm.
Outpatient Counseling Services
Provides counseling and psychotherapy to people in crisis or experiencing acute stress. Services begin with an assessment to identify individual problems and resources, set treatment goals, and plan treatment. Counseling and psychotherapy services are often linked to other agency services, as well as ongoing support or self-help groups in the community.
Program For Assertive Community Treatment
Provides a specialized, multi-disciplinary team approach to service coordination and service delivery. The focus of this team is to elevate the level of functioning and provide a better quality of life for individuals with a serious mental illness. PACT is mobile and services are provided wherever necessary in the community.
Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital
8am - 4pm
1650 Community College Drive Monday - Friday
Las Vegas, NV 89146
486-8020 or 486-0719
Best time to arrive is in the morning.
Area Outpatient Clinics

These clinics offer all the same outpatient services as the Rawson-Neal Hospital but NO Observation Unit

East Last Vegas Clinic Monday - Friday

Henderson Clinic Monday - Friday

Laughlin Behavioral Health Center Monday - Friday

Mesquite Behavioral Health Center Monday - Friday

Pahrump Behavioral Health Center Monday - Friday

Caliente Behavioral Health Center Monday - Friday

Psychiatric Hospital
Provides acute psychiatric inpatient treatment for adults with serious mental disorders. A multi-disciplinary assessment is the basis of each individual treatment plan. The hospital provides intensive and comprehensive treatment and after care recommendations.
Residential Support
Provides a range of community housing and assisted living options for individuals with serious mental disorders. Various levels of residential support and direct care are based on individual capacity for independent living. Alternative living arrangements include family group homes, supported living apartments, substance abuse treatment facilities, Housing & Urban Development programs, and specialized rehabilitation homes.
Allied Therapies
Provides therapeutic activities, leisure and wellness education, needs assessment, and progress evaluation for inpatient hospital clients. Staff include Recreation Therapists, Music Therapists, Art Therapists, Dance and Movement Therapists, and Exercise Physiologists. Groups and activities take place on hospital units, outside recreation areas, gymnasium, Art and Music Workshops
Service Coordination
An outpatient program with service coordinators supporting individuals in managing symptoms of their mental disorders, as well as linking and referring them to appropriate community resources. Service coordination provides on-going assistance to help individuals with serious mental illness achieve an optimum quality of life.