Lake's Crossing Center

Front of Lake's Crossing Center BuildingLake's Crossing Center (LCC) facility provides forensic mental health services in a maximum security facility. Mentally disordered offenders are referred by the court system for evaluation of their competency to stand trial and/or treated to restore competency. Located on the Behavioral Health Campus in Sparks, LCC is Nevada's only facility for this purpose and, therefore, serves people from throughout the state.

LCC also provides treatment for for individuals adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) and those determined to be incompetent to stand trial but requiring a maximum security setting due to dangerousness. LCC psychologists sit on the Sex Offenders' Certification Panel and the Community Tier Reconsideration Panel. Staff at LCC developed and maintains Nevada’s certification for Competency Examiners. LCC provides pre-commitment evaluations on an outpatient basis for rural counties and Washoe County.

Mission Statement

To provide a maximum security facility for the inpatient treatment of the mentally disordered offender and when appropriate to provide outpatient evaluations of competency…

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Elizabeth Neighbors, Ph.D., Agency Director


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